About Me

Everything You Need in One Place – WhereWomenShop.com

My wife and my daughters love to shop, so I created a platform where they can get everything they want all in one place!

My wife and my three daughters love to shop. Really, they would shop all day if they could. There is nothing that puts a smile on their face more quickly and nothing that they can talk about so endlessly quite like shopping. When I realized this, I saw an opportunity to make a difference in their lives. It started with a question: what if there were a site on which my beloved wife and daughters could do all their shopping? A one-stop shop, so to speak, someplace that they could get everything they want.

From there, I created WhereWomenShop.com. An online platform designed for convenience, this is a shopping portal that girls and women of all ages will love. A 57-year-old male myself, I have approached this business with an outsider’s perspective, pulling in my wife’s and my daughters’ feedback throughout the production process, all with an eye toward creating a platform that meets all their needs.

I am committed to service, so if there are any questions that you have for me, please feel free to reach out any time at

Happy shopping!